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Logo_SplatterWelcome to the brand new web site for the equally new Georgian Bay Musical Theatre Company! We are very excited to finally have GBMTC up and running and to share with the community what we are all about.

What is Georgian Bay Musical Theatre Company? GBMTC is a not for profit organization that will bring contemporary Broadway musicals to Central Ontario. Our goal is to make a difference in our community by igniting the fire of musical theatre in the 18 to 35 year old demographic, while putting on an amazing production for the rest of the community to enjoy.


RENT Cast (2013)

But, where did GBMTC come from? Well, do you remember the summer of 2013? That’s when Huronia Players teamed up with Lori-Ann “Clance” Clancy and her Triple Threat Summer Company to produce a highly successful run of the musical RENT at the Midland Cultural Centre. It was no short feat. The cast ranged in age from 18 to 35 years old and was one of the largest casts to gather on the Huronia Players stage. Then there was the sets, lighting and sound design, coordination with the live band, vocal coaches, choreographers, video production, hair, make-up, costumes…. you get the idea. It was a monumental task to bring all of these elements together for a production that would run for only two weeks, but no matter how much time and effort was involved, it was nothing compared to Clance’s leadership and the passion she instilled in all of us who where lucky enough to have a role in the production. RENT was a resounding success! Selling out every single night and sending a shockwave of positive energy throughout the community.

Clance in the 90's

Clance in the 90’s

Of course, if you know Clance, the success of RENT should come as no surprise. After all, she has directed 14 musicals (2 of which she also wrote!), eight Sears productions, two dinner theatre productions, and countless class productions since becoming the drama teacher at St. Theresa’s High School. And legend has it that she has also performed in a ton of musicals back in the day… So with all of this under her belt, and her passion for musical theatre continuing to grow, Clance decided that the next logical step would be to create a permanent musical theatre production company right here in Midland. One that could bring the high caliber shows of Broadway to our local stage and feature our local talent. The resounding success of RENT made it crystal clear just how important a company like this would be to the area and Clance wasted no time in assembling the perfect team to make it happen. It was soon after, on October 18th of 2014 that the team first assembled and Georgian Bay Musical Theatre Company was born.

Who is this elite team and what do they do? The team consists of 6 individuals from the area who all have their own unique skills and attributes to bring to the table. Over the next few weeks we will get to know each of them – their talents, their ambitions, their hobbies, their hopes, their fears, and their dreams. We will learn what makes them tick and how they plan to use their talents for the betterment of the Georgian Bay Musical Theatre Company.

In my next post we’ll get to know more about GBMTC Board Secretary & Media Relations Director, Shelley Barry and why she is VERY excited to be a part of the GBMTC team…


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